Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Fleshlight.com review

Fleshlight "flight"


The flight is the newest addition to the fleshlight family with their patented superskin material it is like nothing you will ever experience elsewhere 

The superskin feels fantastic and I spent an obscene amount of time just stoking it I have never experienced penis envy so bad in all my life

With the flight you receive a new and unique textured ice “clear" insert which is designed specifically for the flight

The insert itself contains no latex, plastic, silicone or phthalates meaning this safely guarded secret is completely body safe

The case itself is made from ASB hard plastic with a circler pitted design on it a lot like a golf ball the case unlike other of the fleshlight ranges comes in a new sleek shape it is streamlined and far more discrete compared to the other styles meaning you could (if you chose) leave it out in plain sight and no one would suspect it of being a sex toy

The case itself opens at both ends the larger cap conceals the wondrous vortex like opening of the insert and the smaller cap has a dual purpose firstly once fully removed it aids in cleaning and secondly by twisting the screw cap you can adjust the suction the insert creates during use

Removing the insert is very simple just unscrew both ends and gently pull it out, it pulls out very easily and then you can really see the wonders this new texture holds just inside the vortex like opening there are soft bumps lining the inside, slipping further inside it opens up slightly with larder rounded nobbles to tease and tantalise then tightens up again before entering my favourite textured area larger more prominent nobbles that caress and excite finishing off with smaller bumps and lastly ridges that work wondrously well at stimulating the penis head

During use this particular insert feels very similar to anal sex in my husband’s opinion but with that added extra, once water based lube is added you can insert your erect penis and the insert expands to accommodate you, the texture of the case makes it very easy to keep hold of as you manipulate the flight although we did find that you can get excess lube seeping from smaller screw cap if you use to much but this doesn't really cause much of a problem where use and performance are concerned

The flight is also waterproof fleshlight themselves do state that you should take care when using this flight during shower or baths though as the oils in soaps can degrade the insert over time but by using the flight while submerged in water does create further sensations and the warm water also hears the insert again changing the stimulation you experience

 When cleaning the flight fleshlight suggest you simply rinse the insert with warm water from your sand allow time for it to air dry before storing. You must NOT use soap to clean your SuperSkin sleeve as the oils in soap can damage your insert For tough cleaning, they suggest using a little isopropyl alcohol or you can purchase their fleshlight wash from them directly HERE To maintain that soft feel, sprinkle a liberal amount of corn starch (corn flour to us brits) on the sleeve and shake off any excess powder. You can also purchase the renewing fleshlight renewing powder from them directly HERE Fleshlight also warn you against using talcum or baby powder as an alternative as Powdering an Ice Fleshlight insert  with anything other than corn starch will cause it to cloud over and lose its clear quality.

Once you have washed your flight insert you will notice even once dried it will have a tacky texture to it, this is quite normal and does not affect the performance what's so ever and by adding corn starch either shop brought or via the fleshlight  renewal powder you will return the insert to its original silky smoothness

How the flight measures up;

Overall length: 8.1 inches

Internal length: 6.5 inches

Canal diameter: 0.5 inches and will stretch to accommodate most sizes

The fleshlight flights discreet appearance and size makes it ideal for travel although for the larger equipped males I would suggest you use one of Fleshlights other products as these are slightly larger and will accommodate you better, my husband is a good 8inch + and the flight although enjoyable to use could of done with being slightly longer so he could fully insert his erection

Overall my husband’s first fleshlight experience has been a positive one, the quality of the fleshlight is remarkable and the superskin feels wonderful to touch although softer than he usually prefers the simulations he experienced from the insert were enjoyable and are great for getting him all worked up

The fleshlight flight is great as a couples to as I enjoyed using it in him just as much as he did being on the receiving end so it is a great way for a couple to connect and have fun as part of foreplay and of course it is great for solo play too

You can purchase the "flight" direct from fleshlight HERE as well as all their other products at fleshlight.com

Disclaimer: This product has been provided by fleshlight.com free of charge in exchange for a thorough, honest review. This in no way effects the opinions within said review. Thank you


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