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Basic rubber cuffs


Over the years I have been called a terrible sub, but then I have never labelled myself as one, yes I like to be dominated but that's because I like to put up a fight and feel over powered, for me the struggle is what excites me. I also relish in taking a more dominant roll and having control of my husband’s pleasure so for us restraints are an important part of our relationship so when asked me to reviews these basic rubber cuffs I could not have been more excited

When looking for restraints ideally we prefer something that will fit both myself and my husband comfortably as well as being sturdy enough to withstand a lot of pressure and strain which is not always easy due to the size difference in our wrists and the stress we usually put them under but thankfully these rubber cuffs fit us both perfectly, they are a good width for both of us and once on they fit our wrists better than any others we have tried

Having 11 sizing holes mean that these cuffs can adjust to a variety of sizes measuring from a tiny 15Cm to a larger 28Cm 

This also means they can be used as ankle restraints for some couples as they fit my ankles just fine

These basic rubber cuffs are made from 3mm neoprene rubber which is both vegan friendly and latex free. So will appeal to a wide range of people where till now cuffs of this nature where a no go

During use is where these cuffs really come into their own hanging from a door with only the cuffs holding me up would usually mean a lot of pain but not once did they uncomfortably cut into my wrists like other cuffs and the reinforced D-ring and rivets stayed put under the strain and showed no sign of distress which is very impressive

The main reason I love these cuffs so much is that thanks to the d-rings I can incorporate my other kinks during use, personally I enjoy mild breath play so by wrapping a scarf or soft rope round my neck I can attach a cuff to each end using the D-rings and be in complete control of how tight the rope is against my throat. Granted this is not for everyone and breath play should always be done with extreme caution and care but for those looking at trying breath play for the first time, using these cuffs in the way I have just explained could be a good starting point

Thanks to neoprene rubber these cuffs are made of it also makes them food safe and easy to clean so it doesn't matter how messy you get in these cuffs they will always end up looking just like new and thanks to the D-rings you can use the traditional double trigger clips or a wide variety of things such as rope, chain or ribbon to secure the cuffs to each other or to equipment and furniture making these high quality cuffs very versatile and fun to use

These cuffs are also hand made in the UK which is something I love as far too many products like this are mass produced meaning you don't always get the high quality finish you do with these

DOM-estics have named these “basic rubber cuffs" but I really can't see anything "basic" about them they are produced to a very high standard and are obviously made from high quantity material the rivets and D-rings are reinforced and can withstand a lot of strain

Lastly they can also be worn on their own to add an edgy kinktastic look to any outfit. These rubber cuffs are available in both the white featured in this review and black which are both equally stunning although the black version of these cuffs are not food safe they are still made to the highest standard using high quality materials and for a remarkable price of only £24.95 you really are getting yourself a bargain with which ever set of these amazing cuffs you chose and they are sure to become one of your favourite kink accessories just as they have with us

You can buy these  basic white rubber cuffs direct from DOM-estics HERE or the black version HERE you can also meet them at one of the many fetish markets and events that they attend for more infomation on events they attend you can vistit them at or follow this LINK


Disclaimer: This product has been provided by free of charge in exchange for a thorough, honest review. This in no way effects the opinions within said review. Thank you

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