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Crystal balls, hand blown glass duotone pleasure balls


Kegel balls, jiggle balls, love balls or pleasure balls whatever you chose to call them these little gems have been getting a lot more attention recently and with obvious Heath benefits its surprising it has taken this long for them to get the respect they deserve

Being a big fan of glass when I see these crystal balls from cal exotics at I just knew I had to try them

They arrived securely and discreetly as with any purchase from voluptasse, tearing the package open I found a cute pink heart shaped tin hiding safely inside

Opening the tin I was instantly taken back by how beautiful I found these, the red heart is encased in clear solid glass with no obvious seal making this completely smooth and sensual to the touch

Being glass these balls have a nice weight to them but unlike other kegel balls being glass they do not have a lose weight inside them that moves when you walk creating the "jiggle" for me this was a bonus as the jiggle can certainly get annoying at times and I can only really use balls of that nature if the mood strikes me, these balls I feel I would use more regularly

Unlike other kegel ball types these crystal balls are not connected to each other which is something I personally haven't seen before and they have no cord for removal so for use you just pop them in separately and push them into position with your finger, and for removal simply bare down using your pelvic floor (as if you’re having a poo) and they will pop right out

The first time I used these I popped them straight in after cleaning, being glass even water makes them slippery for easy insertion These crystal balls are smaller than other kegel’s  I have tried meaning they are incredibly easy to insert without lube but this can also make them a slight challenge to hold in place at times

Once inside my mum decided to make it her mission to get me to laugh and see how long I could hold them in, it wasn't long the water made these extra slippy and one popped straight out the moment I laughed. Undeterred I pop it straight back in a went off to pick my son up from school, due to their small size they are harder to feel than other balls but there weight is noticeable meaning Although I couldn't feel the individual balls I could tell they were there and  needed to concentrate rather hard to keep them in place

Once I got used to them though I found them far more natural to use and didn't struggle to keep them in which is great, being a mother I do believe these would be more suitable for women who have not had children or for more experienced users as even with practise a regular kegel user like myself can still lose one I highly recommend panties and tight trousers so one doesn't slip out your trouser leg while out and about as this is a little awkward to explain to onlookers, yes I'm talking from experience

However that little mishap did teach me that these are nice and robust and even after falling on the pavement and being kicked twice by passers bye they sustained not so much as a scratch

Cleaning these crystal balls is simply done with soap and water or toy cleaner if you prefer

As previously mentioned I would not use any lubricant with these balls but being glass they are very easy to insert with no lubrication at all so will cause you no discomfort

For first time users I suggest you start of by using these crystal balls for short periods of time then work your way up to hours

As with all kegel balls you should always try to use them with an empty bladder as in some people (me included) they can cause tummy ache and you should always remove them before use the toilet as the muscles used to control kegel’s are also the same muscles you use when urinating
Being glass you can also heat these up or cool them down to add to the sensations during use and they also work really well as a little tease during foreplay, roll the cool balls over your partners body or have him roll them across your breasts for an added treat

On the whole with a little practise these are great balls to use, they are comfortable to use even for long periods of time and it will not be long before you notice better bladder control and stronger orgasms and you may even find yourself getting aroused while using these, i know i did 
I thoroughly enjoyed these crystal balls and I will continue to use them regularly if you would like a pair of these balls you can purchase them HERE from

Disclaimer: This product has been provided by free of charge in exchange for a thorough, honest review. This in no way effects the opinions within said review. Thank you

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