Thursday, 20 September 2012

(ursexshop) review

Crystal lover


The packaging of this crystal lover is not the most subtle featuring a topless model on the front but thanks to (ursexshop) and their discrete packaging this is something that is for your eyes only

This clear acrylic dildo is simple yet effective you can use it for both anal and vaginal pleasure and as it can also be used effectively at either end

At one end there is a longer slightly tapered end and at the other two bulbous balls giving the user the opportunity to play around with it and decide which sensations they prefer and where

 Being acrylic this also means it is:

• Phthalate-free

• Latex-free

• A smooth, clear surface.

• Lighter than glass but still allows you to enjoy temperature play.

• Hard, smooth surface provides firm sensations.

• Easy to clean.

• Non-porous.

 This would be a great beginners dildo or for those looking to take the first steps into anal play but for those of us with more adventurous, more experienced tastes you may find it a little too simple in design unless of course you are a fan of simple

Being made from acrylic means you can gently heat it up and cool in down in the fridge or freezer although acrylic doesn't seem to hold the temperature as well as glass it is still a great way to indulge in temperature play.

And unlike glass you don't have any fear of it breaking if you accidentally drop it, although it can get scratched so as with all toys I suggest you store this toy appropriately

The crystal lover is also really easy to clean in just soap and water, toy cleaner or even the dishwasher and being acrylic you can also use it with water based or silicone lube as well as using it in the bath or shower making it nice and versatile toy

Overall this is a nice simple design with a lot of good qualities and I can't really find any faults with it, this is my first acrylic toy and I have to say it is a nice material to play with not as heavy as glass yet hard and durable and thanks to the crystal lover I now hope to add more acrylic toys to my collection in the future

You can pick yourself up one of these crystal lovers right (ursexshop) HERE for only £28
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