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The Bijoux Indiscrets Deluxe Collection Poeme Romance Set

After being lucky enough to of won a competition held by I received this wonderful poeme gift set from Bijoux Indiscrets and I am very thankful that I did


The Bijoux Indiscrets Deluxe Collection Poeme Romance Set includes the following


- An aphrodisiac essence Crystal inkwell with jasmine-scented aphrodisiac liquid chocolate cream which is a Hand-crafted recipe developed exclusively for bijoux indiscrets

- A black ostrich feather quill with silicone tip

- A black satin mask with motif

- A gold card with poem

 And all this comes beautifully packaged in a round black tin


This whole set screams luxury and Devine indulgence. The ostrich feather quill is stunning and the silicone tip is soft and flexible and is gentle on your skin and the feather itself feels amazing when stroked and tickled along your body this product is a real teaser treat and works great for foreplay. And with the black satin mask included you have all the ingredients for some romantic and loving couple time.

The black satin mask is soft and comfortable and moulds to your face perfectly it has the distinct scent of jasmine which is not to pungent but also not easy to ignore so unless you like the smell of jasmine you may find the mask will be less fragranced once aired which is what I did with mine and it reduced the smell till it was barely recognisable

The jasmine-scented aphrodisiac liquid chocolate cream comes in a stunning crystal inkwell. The chocolate cream itself has an interesting smell due to the jasmine infusion but surprisingly enough this does not affect the taste of the chocolate. The chocolate itself looks solid till you touch it then you realise it's creamy with a similar consistency of praline and not a liquid as I was expecting

The silicone tip of the quill easily picks up the chocolate cream without force so you need not worry about damaging the quill and when writing on the skin the quill evenly spreads the chocolate cream so you get a great end result

Thanks to the efficiency of the quill and the consistency of the cream you do not get any wastage and the cream itself will last you along time (as long as you don't grab a spoon for a midnight sugar craving)

I'm not really sure the aphrodisiac had much of an effect on me personally but as with most things like these they affect people differently I did however have a particularly strong climax after using this product

I really rather liked the taste of the chocolate cream and thankfully it's not sickly so you can really enjoy the time with your partner and take your time exploring each other making this a lovely couples item

And at you can also pick up and explore some of the other fabulous items from Bijoux Indiscrets with your partner for even more romantic loving right HERE

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