Thursday, 20 September 2012

ÜberKinky review


ÜberKinky PVC bondage tape

I have  been lucky enough to be sent some of  ÜberKinky very own bondage tape, Which has been said to of been "Extensively tested in the ÜberKinky dungeons" and I have to say this is very obvious in their final product

This PVC bondage tape has really been put through its paces resulting in a true top quality tape. The bondage tape itself has been specifically designed to sticks to itself, not to your skin so there’s no risk of painful hair pulling during use or removal. And my husband and I really put this PVC bondage tape to the ultimate test by gagging me with it. My husband wrapped this tape round my head and over my open mouth so I could use the tape as a simple bit gag. The first thing I noticed was the taste of this tape is not unpleasant, surprising as this is not really what it's designed for, secondly the tape is comfortable to wear even in this position and caused me no injury what's so ever I had no pain or soreness at all even to the delicate corners of my mouth. lastly even with my naturally curly hair I found removal of the tape caused no issues and as stated by ÜberKinky I suffered no painful hair pulling and the tape even held up to my biting which is the biggest shock as in the last 6 months iv destroyed two ball gags so huge thumbs up to  ÜberKinky there.


Using the ÜberKinky PVC bondage tape as restraints is also very comfortable and even though I'm a struggler by nature I was caused no harm, the tape did not dig into my sink at all during my struggles unlike some restraints we have tried in the past and considering the price difference between this tape and far more expensive restraints that's remarkable in itself and has definitely left me questioning why I bother with restraints when there is an amazing product like this on offer.


This bondage tape would not only be great for BDSM beginners but for more advanced BDSM couples who enjoy the more heavy duty uses for this tape, which makes this tape a must have for any couple interested in bondage regardless of their level of experience.

Also as I’ve already mentioned this amazing tape sticks to itself so this bondage tape is also great for creating your own custom PVC fetish wear and as it comes in two colours, black and red you can be as adventurous as you like And you can even share your custom creations with ÜberKinky by uploading an image to their site

Overall my husband and I are extremely impressed by this amazing ÜberKinky tape and look forward to exploring more and more uses for it, we would highly recomend it and most certainly will be buying more in the future.
You can purchace this tape from ÜberKinky themselves righ HERE  and at the remarkable price of only £4.99 and with a special offer on, whe more ou buy the more you save
  • Buy 2 for £4.49 each
  • Buy 3 for £3.99 each
  • Buy 4 for £3.49 each

Disclaimer: This product has been provided by free of charge in exchange for a thorough, honest review. This in no way effects the opinions within said review. Thank you

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