Wednesday, 26 September 2012

"magic moments"


Spiral knight glass dildo

I have been lucky enough to be sent this wonderful glass dildo from "magicmoments" for review and as with all products from "magicmoments" this lovely spiral knight came in discreet,  very secure packing as usual the spiral knight was wrapped in layers of bubble wrap to keep it safe which is normal practise with all items sent from

The spiral knight is a beautiful looking dildo the clear glass shaft sports a delicious spiral of colour also giving it a wonderful texture the tip of the spiral knight is a gloriously bulbous tip tapered to a rounded  point so it is easy to insert yet is not sharp in anyway and still gives you that "filled feeling"

The spiral knight is a nice weighty toy as with most high quality glass toys and it has a nice sized round base so you can stand it up on your bedside table or show it off on your fireplace which ever you decide it is not likely to be knocked over to easily

Being made from glass also means this toy is incredibly easy to wash in just soap and water or toy cleaner as well as being completely dishwasher safe

I love the overall shape of this spiral knight I found the bulbous tip easy to insert vaginally or anally and the raised spirals of the shaft works remarkably well creating sensual teasing sensations when used both anally and vaginally making this a great product for both men and women and thanks to the yellow and green spiral combination it should appeal to both sexes quite nicely

For me the real plus side to glass toys is temperature play and the spiral knight glass dildo did not let me down

Whether you’re heating it up or cooling it down the spiral knight seems to hold its temperature nicely which means you can tease your way to full indulgence. I personally enjoy cooling it down in the fridge or freezer before jumping into a nice hot shower the contrast in temperature is wonderful

Being a glass toy there is a slight risk of damage but as with most glass toys this is only likely to become a possibility if it is dropped, however I would still suggest you take care when storing the spiral knight dildo don't just go throwing it into the draw as with any toy if you look after them they will look after you for a darn sight longer

Overall I found the spiral knight to be a wonderful addition to my collection the design of this toy works really well and it is a real pleasure to use and something i would highly recommend to glass lovers

if you are interested in purchacing the spiral knight you can pick one up from "magic moments" HERE for currently only £19.75

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Disclaimer: This product has been provided by free of charge in exchange for a thorough, honest review. This in no way effects the opinions within said review. Thank you

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