Thursday, 9 August 2012

"magic moments" review

The cock ring anal bead vibrator

The Cock Ring Anal Bead Vibrator is a pink jelly rabbit cock ring with a wireless bullet for added clitoral stimulation and unlike most cock rings this one features a tantalising string of anal beads that measure 8inches in length, these flexible jelly beads can be inserted in either the man or the woman making this a really versatile toy

Fitting this toy onto my husband’s shaft was easy the ring itself is nice and stretchy yet it held in place really well

Wearing this cock ring with the beads inserted inside the woman

First of iv always loved the feel of anal beads popping in but unlike others I have tried this string of beads has a bulbous slightly pointed first bead followed by beads of all the same size I enjoyed these far more than the graduating in size type beads as I find some of these start off far too small to really be of any benefit where as these beads where the perfect size
I was not sure how well these beads would work during intercourse so was very eager to try them and I have to say I am so glad I did the anal beads work really well, one of the beads was teasingly popping in and out with my husbands every thrust and when you couple that with the rabbit shaped clitoral stimulator you get a truly winning combination

The rabbit stimulator fit my body perfectly and we didn’t need to keep stopping to readjust it which can be a real mood killer. The only down side I found with this stimulator was the bullet itself we found that after about 20 minutes the vibrations slowed right down but if you turn it off for a minute or two then turn it back on it kicks back in although even without the vibrations of the bullet the rabbit works great on its own as it rubs and teases your clit with each thrust

Wearing this cock ring with the beads inserted inside the man

Although my husband has tried other anal toys this was his first experience with anal beads and I am pleased to report it was a positive experience for him, he found the anal beads comfortable to insert and wearing the cock ring itself was also very comfortable.  During intercourse he found that the beads stimulated his perineum and as he thrust it stimulated his anus as well.  the only down side he found was that afterwards his perineum was a little sore where it had chaffed a little although he said he didn’t notice this during use so to ensure this didn’t happen during future use we applied lube to the area and it worked wonderfully in fact he found it far more pleasurable

Overall we both loved the cock ring anal beads vibrator and it will fast become one of our favourites I’m sure and we was very impressed by not only how comfortable this toy was to use but how effective it was, unlike other 3in1 toys we have tried this one offers the best anal stimulation by far and I would highly recommend this to anyone that enjoys anal play and to those who would like to try anal toys for the first time  

The rabbit bullet itself takes three button batteries but two sets of these button batteries are included with the toy which is an absolute bonus plus these batteries can be found quite easily so you don’t need to worry about hunting down more  

This amazing cock ring is currently available at “magic moments” for only £15 so grab yourself one of these great 3in1 stimulators now right HERE

Disclaimer: This product has been provided by free of charge in exchange for a thorough, honest review. This in no way effects the opinions within said review. Thank you

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