Wednesday, 22 August 2012


Kindred spirit by Maren Smith

Story Rating: 4 out of 5 paddles                               
Sting Factor (kink):  3.5 out of 5 paddles

Mindy has moved from the city to live with her gran in willow grove after taking a trip into town to buy her gran some groceries she is accosted by the Balray brothers managing to flee the brothers she darts into the road and straight into the path of the " snake man's" bus the Balrays halt their pursuit and flee in the opposite direction Colton aka " snake man " rescues Mindy's shopping and shocked by the revelation she likes snakes offers to take her home

During the trip back to Mindy's house she stumbles across Colton's stash of spanking pornography mag’s and she slips them into her shopping bag to explore in secret

When he drops her off he mistakes her blushes and rushes to leave as fear and is completely thrown when she asks him to dinner the next night

Eagerly awaiting his arrival the next day after a night of flicking threw his magazines Mindy has no idea what to say to him

When Colton arrives Mindy soon gets her first taste of spanking enthralled by these new sensations she eagerly awaits their next date where things only get better and better in Mindy's eyes

Caught up in this exciting new world with Colton she soon realises he's everything she's ever wanted and more and Colton knows without a shadow of a doubt that  he has found his kindred spirit in Mindy

This is at heart a tale if two halves finding each other and exploring the exciting new life in which they can share

With Colton Mindy can indulge in her deepest darkest desires and Colton can do the same, together they make the perfect pair

This book is not as long as I would have hoped as it really pulled me in and I'm desperate to know more about the characters and follow in their adventure it's a great read and very well written

The book focuses on the spanking itself rather than any sexual aspect to the encounters which is actually a really nice change as it gives the reader a chance to really embrace the experience

This is a spanktastic read and it is sure to get your cheeks glowing let’s keep our bums pushed out proudly and all hope there is more to come from this spankingly great couple

By HellKat

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