Friday, 31 August 2012

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Clone A Willy chocolate kit

As with all Clone A Willy kits you get a detailed instruction sheet that makes the process easy and fun and the kit includes everything you could possibly need to make your clone

Once you have removed all the contents and instruction sheet from the clear tube you can carefully trim the plastic tubing down to size, this is simple and easy to do with scissors

Once the tube is trimmed to size you can get to work on the cloning process once you have mixed the cloning powder with 425ml of water heated to 90f you have exactly 2 minutes to mix it together, fill the tube and insert your partners erect penis ensuring you hold it tight against his body

The cloning mixture cools quickly so do not be disheartened if your partner loses his erection, as long as your partner has an erection for the initial insert you should end up with a great mould

The mould should only take a couple of minutes to set, simply check the open end with your finger to insure it feels rubbery then you can remove your partners penis simply by gently pulling the tube away from his body  

Once you have your mould you place it into the fridge to cool, you place the clone upside down onto a plate which allows any excess water to run out

Now that your clone has cooled you can prepare your chocolate, empty the contents of the blue foil packet (which contains the chocolate) into a microwavable bowl, adjust the power level to 50% and slowly heat the chocolate 30seconds at a time stirring the chocolate at intervals to insure it does not burn once the chocolate has nearly all melted remove your bowl from the microwave and continue stirring this will ensure the remaining chocolate melts without the chocolate being over heated

Once fully melted you must wait for the chocolate to cool to under 90f then pour your chocolate into the mould once that has been done you can then add the lolly stick provided and place your mould back into the fridge to cool

Once cooled you can remove your finished chocolate clone it is advised that you should do this by first removing the mould from the plastic tubing and then gently cutting the mould open to remove your chocolate clone this is advised as it insures your clone does not break during extraction

Once your clone has been removed you may find some whitening of the chocolate this is perfectly normal and is the result of the heating and cooling process it is not at all harmful and does not affect the taste of the chocolate clone in any way

The chocolate supplied with the moulding kit tastes like cooking chocolate and all though very nice may not appeal to everyone’s taste but fear not you can use any chocolate your heart desires with this kit and I had a lot of fun creating a Caramac clone

When using other chocolate types the instructions are exactly the same for the cooking chocolate provided with the kit, heat it up slowly 30 seconds at a time then let it cool to below 90f

My husband and I were actually able to use our mould to create more than one clone we started off with our Caramac clone which we left in the fridge for a good hour before gently extracting it. We did so by gently removing our mould from the plastic tubing and then slowly eased the clone from the mould, you need to have a lot of patients to do this otherwise you could destroy the mould or damage the clone itself

Once the clone was removed we placed the mould back inside the tube and repeated the process to create the chocolate version

We did however notice we had a slightly better result from the Caramac clone this is because the melted Caramac was cooled to exactly 90f when we poured it in to the mould, whereas we left the chocolate to cool to approximately 86f and we noticed on extraction our chocolate clone had less detail due to its cooling far quicker so consequently picking up less detail

Although our chocolate clone had slightly less detail both our finished clones look amazing and we are very pleased with how they came out

You can have a lot of fun with this product and with a little imagination you can add a little twist to it. I myself chose to add mini marshmallows to the end of my chocolate clone by simply partly submerge the mini marshmallows into the melted chocolate this is so they stay in place once the chocolate cools, you could also use sprinkles or crushed nuts or anything that is not going to be too heavy and sink into the mould which could result in parts of your topping protruding from your mould on extraction

Once you have your finished clones suck, nibble, bite and enjoy

To get your hands one of these chocolate Clone A Willy kits you can visit and grab one for only £22.34 HERE 

Disclaimer: This product has been provided by free of charge in exchange for a thorough, honest review. This in no way effects the opinions within said review. Thank you


  1. mmm tasty review, really fancy doing one now!!! may finally pluck up the courage and order one tonight - however i will probably order from - a lady at work ordered from there and its cheaper & free delivery ;) haha! love a good baragin!! thanks for yet another great review!

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