Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Clone A Willy Review



 Clone A Willy kit – light tone

      your kit includes
  • a moulding tube - designed to accomodate most penis sizes
  • moulding gel - algae-based gel is specifically timed to garantee a perfect mould of an erect penis
  • moulding powder
  • liquid rubber and liquid skin - mixed together to create every intricate detail of your clone
  • multi speed vibrator unit
  • thermomitor
  • wooden spatular
  • full Clone A Willy instructions

Setting up this kit ready was simple and easy to do the plastic tube is cut down to size and you cover the cut end with tape to ensure you have no sharp edges although I found this wasn’t really necessary I did so as I was determined to follow the instructions to the letter

Having helped my husband reach the appropriate aroused state I got to work with the mould itself, you use 425ml of water at the temp of 37 degrees celsius which is the equvalant to 98 degrees fahrenheit and mix that in with the white moulding powder, you must mix this together quickly and it looks a lot like lumpy porridge which is what it should look like, within the two minutes time limit you must mix the mixture and submerge the erect penis inside.

This is where the fun starts having set everything out extra carefully and my timer on ready I got started and in my eagerness I totally forgot to start the timer, cursing and rushing like a loon worried I would mess up I mixed like my life depended on it as my husband laughed his arse off rather enjoying the show. Then i pushed my hubby’s cock inside sending moulding mixture all down his leg and on to the floor, at this point we were both in hysterics, realising his penis was touching the side of the plastic tube I did as instructed and turned the tube which sorted the issue. And it soon became apparent I had no need to panic the way I did as the Clone A Willy kit was work exactly as it should have

My husband informed me the feel of the mixture was not unpleasant but was cool and cooled even more so very quickly which sent his semi erection fully flaccid despite the fact I was knelt before him completely naked

Having waited the two minutes needed for the moulding mixture to firm we tested the end and sure enough it felt like squishy rubber, a gentle pull,  holding the open end of the mould with my fingers and hubby was free, the removal was pain free and caused no discomfort at all

Now for the clean-up which was remarkably easy I was expecting the clean-up to be quite tricky but in truth it could not of been easier, the moulding mixture peeled right off and even on the hairy areas of his legs this was completely painless and again the mixture I spilt on the floor also peeled straight off as did the excess mixture in my mixing bowl.

As instructed we left the mould for a couple of hours and then tipped out the accumulated water from inside the mould which is completely normal and set to work mixing together the two pots of rubber mix one is the liquid rubber a clear thick mixture with a similar consistency to honey, the other is the light skin toned liquid skin mixture which is slightly runnier. Having mixed them together vigorously for the allotted two minutes we tipped it inside the mould leaving space to insert the vibrator provided.

Before inserting the viberator unit you need to make sure you have something to keep it in place which you do so using card, cut out a piece of card larger than the tube and snip an "x" into the centre large enough to hold the viberator snuggly at the screw top end, this is to ensure you do not submerge it too far and impair battery change to the vibrator. This I done before filling the mould with the rubber mixture but as it only takes a minute you can do this after if you forget as long as you do not leave it to long

Once you have poured the liquid skin mixture into the mould you insert the vibrator inside it, this is a tad difficult to judge if you have inserted the vibrator into the mould straight but I gave it my best guess and the card sits onto of the plastic tube holding it in place nicely  

Now for the wait you must leave the mixture to cure (harden) for 24 hours, I would suggest placing the mould somewhere safe and out of the way to make sure it is not  knocked over

Once the 24 hours is up you must check to ensure that the rubber mixture has indeed cured and then you can gently remove the finished clone from the mould this was easily done with a gentle twist and pull and it popped right out

As we expected the mould was an almost perfect replica of my husbands flaccid penis but this is something we both actually really loved the detail on the clone is amazing and the liquid skin feels great

My husband and I were both very impressed by the detail captured on the clone and the product worked remarkably well as expected from any products from Clone A Willy `

The Clone A Willy products are a great way for couples to bond and have fun and my husband and I enjoyed the experience immensely and are already planning more clones in the immediate future

Although we didn’t manage to capture my husband’s erect penis this was no fault of the Clone A Willy product and I can not stress this enough the product work exactly as it should, it was more our inability to take it to seriously we had far to much fun with the product, we had plenty of giggles and genuinely had a lot of enjoyment from it which is something you want from a product of this nature  and the best part of all is we now have a perfect clone to keep and play with for many years to come

We would both highly recommend this product as I have already mentioned it is a great way for couples to bond and the end result is a completely unique and personal product of the highest quality that you will love and cherish for many years

To get our hands one one of these amazing kits or one of the other great products from Clone A Willy visit there sit HERE

Disclaimer: This product has been provided by cloneawilly.co.uk free of charge in exchange for a thorough, honest review. This in no way effects the opinions within said review. Thank you


  1. How did you find the moulding part? x

  2. Over all we found it quite easy as long as your prepared and don't start the moulding process till your partner is hard you should have no issues.
    You only get two minutes from the moment you start to add the water to the powder to the moment you insert the erect penis but we found that was plenty of time.
    It was overall a fun and excited process and we would highly recommend using Clone A willy products ;-) xxx

  3. Ooo great!! I ordered one from Love Honey.com but it took nearly 2 weeks to be delivered and then it was the flip wrong product :( did you get yours from www.cloneawilly.co.uk ? how was it! very tempted look like a good company! and really want to clone my hubby hehe especially after your review! xxx

  4. Yes I got mine directly from Clone A Willy themselves at cloneawilly.co.uk and it came the next day but that does depend on what time your order from them I would say you would get it in a couple of days max though.

    Honestly hand on heart hubby and I had so much fun and the clone came out really well we could not be happier.we have the chocolate kit That i have been reviewing that should be here on my blog in the next day or so and we will be buying the glow in the dark version when cloneawilly.co.uk has them back in stock ;-) x

  5. Thanks so much! guess who is now the proud owner of a clone a willy! it came so quick ;) haha! so happy! will let you know how it goes babe! thanks again xxx

  6. Awwww that's great news darling I can't wait to see how it goes xxx iv posted my chocolate clone a willy review now too if your interested xxx

  7. WE DONE IT ;) Yayy it turned out great!! I didnt think it would look as detailed as it does! its pretty amazing.. did think it would be more of a jokey present! Going to read your chocolate review now! exciting stuff :) Thanks again hun xx

  8. Awwww yay good for you xxx if you post a review let me know and I'll take a peek, so glad your happy with it :-) xxx much love xxx