Sunday, 22 July 2012

Give Lube Review

Give Lube silicone+

Silicone+ is a special blend of 3 high quality medical grade silicones. It is CE marked so you know it is completely body safe and it is also dermatologically tested and free from preservatives and oils

The silicone+ is colourless and it has a luxurious feel to it giving it the ultimate glide quality and you can really feel this quality from the moment it drips onto your skin. The bottles themselves are a simple yet effective design they come in two different sizes,  A 30ml 'mini' which is great for handbags and travel and the larger 100ml bottle

The bottles are a firm design which means this lube drips out rather than pouring which can make a huge mess especially during the heat of the moment I found that with this bottle design the silicone plus got only where I needed I also found I didn’t need to use to much of it which means no matter which of the sizes you pick they should still last you a good while the bottles also have a very secure click cap and after being thrown from the bed in the heat of the moment I can confirm that the lid stayed in place just as I expected it would

I was very pleased to find that this lube is unscented, being odourless you don’t get that “fake” smell that really spoils it for me which is just the first of many reason I truly love this lube

The silicone+ is also boasted to be flavourless I was sceptical at first but I can 100% confirm that this is not an idle boast the silicone+ is in fact tasteless which is just another thing that makes this an amazing lube

The silicone+ is also suitable for vaginal, anal, oral sex, masturbation and massage which makes this an extremely versatile lube and that’s before you realise it is also safe for use with Latex condoms as well as use with rubber or latex clothing
Also unlike the more traditional water based lubes the silicone+ can be used under water. This was a real plus for me as I love sex in the shower but I am never able to comfortable receive anal sex as the lube washes away to easily which was not a problem here yet it is still easily removed with just soap and water which made clean up a doddle I also found that this lube left my skin feeling great it almost felt like I had used a high quality moisturiser on my private areas leaving me feeling extra smooth and soft

My husband also loved this lube as it doesn’t leave you feeling tacky and sticky after use and having sensitive skin he finds some lubes leave him feeling sore after use and unlike other lubes we have used in the past he had no such reaction, he also didn’t find any collections of icky residue on his manhood which is a real pet peeve of his my husband has now thrown out all our other lubes as this is the only one he has been totally happy with is a huge thumbs up for Give Lube and this amazing silicone+

“No other lubricant glides better or longer!” My husband and I really put this statement to the test to.
 I started off by adding some lube and teasing him with a sleeve masturbator then I continued my tease with a little oral before we indulged in some vaginal intercourse followed my more oral and I can honestly say after all of that there was still more than enough glide for my husband to slip easily in for a little anal fun to finish off

I was totally amazed at this as I truly didn’t expect the Give Lube silicone+ to have as much staying power as it has due to how easily it is removed

This truly is a top quality product and it is everything Give Lube says and more, I would highly recommend this lube it is a real sexy essential for couples and singles

And at only £5.95 for the 30ml mini lubetube

And only £11.95 for the 100ml large lubetube you get real quality at an amazing low price 

To get your hands on this amazing product you can check out the Give Lube site  Here

  • Disclaimer: This product has been provided by free of charge in exchange for a thorough, honest review. This in no way effects the opinions within said review. Thank you

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