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Lelo INA 2


I’ve had my eye on the Lelo Ina 2 since its release but having heard very mixed reviews on it I really wasn’t sure what to think so when I was asked by to give it a try I jumped at the chance

My INA 2 arrived in a discreet brown box with no indication of what it held inside or where the package originated from this ensures your privacy is kept intact at all times

Once opened I found my lelo INA 2 wrapped securely in a foam layer that protected its outer box, this outer box will match the colour of your chosen toy, In my case lime green, they are also available in either purple or orange

Once opened the box inside will be completely black with only the lelo logo embossed on the lid as decoration, the box itself is made to a very high standard making it also a very safe and stylish place to store your INA 2 in and it will not look out of place on a bed side table or windowsill as it could easily pass as a jewellery box

The LELO INA 2 is a rabbit-style design it features a bulbous g-spot shaft and a secondary clitoral finger for added stimulation

This new and improved version now Boasts 100% stronger vibrations across the eight different settings and its widened stem has been extended for even deeper G-Spot pleasure

The new improved INA 2 is now also completely waterproof allowing you the freedom to truly explore your pleasure like never before, be it in the shower or bath you can submerge yourself in ecstasy

How it measure up

Size: 200 x 62 x 33 mm

Crafted from the smoothest body-safe FDA-approved Silicone with a Soft-touch Coating the lelo INA 2 feels very sensual to the touch, it glides across your skin beautifully with absolutely no drag and during use only the minimal amount of lubricant is needed

When using lubricant with the LELO INA 2 it is important you chose your lubricant wisely, as silicone based lubes will degrade and damage silicone products so water based lubricant will be needed at all times

Being 100% waterproof not only means they you can use your LELO INA 2 in both the bath and shower but it also makes it incredibly easy to keep clean using only antibacterial soap and water

Thankfully storage of your lelo INA 2 is not going to be a problem as the wonderful people at lelo have supplied a stunning black satin storage bag to keep your INA both safe and clean when not in use, this beautiful satin bad features a small tag on the seam with the lelo logo and a draw string closure which will help keep your INA safe and clean when inside

I am always happy to see a manufacturer create rechargeable toys not only are they more Eco-friendly but in my opinion they are much more user friendly also, I hate being caught out mid play by dead batteries and you can always guarantee when that happens my hubby has stolen the last two I had for his Xbox remote leaving me frustrated and very annoyed so you can Imagine how much I appreciate the fact that the lelo INA 2 is indeed rechargeable, no more hunting for batteries just uncap the silicone plug on the base and insert the adapter and away you go.

When charging the control buttons will light up and flash but this will stop when a full charge has been accomplished

The controls on the lelo INA 2 are reasonably straight forward, to activate your product simply press the + button you can then use the + button to increase the speed and power of the vibrations.

To change mode you use the two arrowed button one faces up the other faces down, again once you have chosen your desired mode you can adjust the speed and power of the vibrations using the + and - buttons 

To turn off your INA 2 simply hold down the - button till it switched off.

The lelo INA 2 also features a travel lock system, simply hold down the + and - buttons together till the lights go out this indicates that your product has been locked, them simply repeat this process to unlock

During use the lelo INA 2 is not as quiet as I expected due to the boast of it being whisper quiet, now don't get me wrong it is by no means loud but I'm just not sure whisper quiet is accurate, although when in use you would not be able to hear it through a closed door so if you’re worried about privacy that is not going to be an issue with the INA 2 

it has been created by lelo to offer stimulation to both the clitoris and the g-spot, the g-spot shaft has been perfectly sculpted for optimum stimulation and the clitoral finger has been designed to fit a woman's body perfectly, the only problem with this is that not every woman's body is the same shape so what works for one may not work for others, with this in mind I believe a more flexible, longer clitoral finger would work much better as at times I found it uncomfortable to manoeuvre the clitoral finger into an effective position and once there it was difficult to keep it in place

That being said I did find the bulbous g-spot shaft very effective and I did indeed achieve a very satisfying g-spot orgasm incredibly quickly, far quicker than I expected if I'm honest. The bulbous g-spot shaft fit my body very well allowing the pressure and vibrations to be applied exactly where they were needed without any uncomfortable manoeuvring

For me because the clitoral arm did not effectively stimulate me while the g-spot shaft was inserted I found and rocking motion to be more effective, using it in this way meant I did achieved some clitoral stimulation during use. It is possible to pull the two arms apart and place the clitoral arm on the desired are while the g-spot arm Is inserted but this can be a little difficult to keep in position as the slightest movement will cause the clitoral arm to shift so unfortunately this wasn't really an option for me I did however still gain a lot of enjoyment from it and I am very pleased to have the INA 2 in my collection 

If you are interested in purchasing the LELO-INA 2 for yourself you can do so directly from by following this LINK

Disclaimer: This product has been provided to me by free of charge in exchange for a thorough, honest review and this in no way affects the opinions in said review - thank you x

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