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Pillow Foreplay


Pillows foreplay come in three ranges, "Girls","Guys" and "Gays" when you receive your pillow it comes in a gorgeous black box with the signature "G" symbol featured on the box, inside your box you will find the flesh coloured inflatable pillow along with a pillowcase, which is packaged separately to ensure it does not get damaged in transit and so you feel safe in the knowledge it is coming to you factory fresh. You will also receive detailed instructions on how to use your pillow, although in my opinion thanks to its ingenious design these are not really necessary as the pillow is incredibly easy to use

The P4P that I have had the absolute pleasure of reviewing is a Girl friendly pleasure aid and is designed to hold your favourite sex toys and allowing you to have a more natural sexual experience,no matter how adventurous or discreet you like to be.

The pillow can be used in a variety of different positions and can be used during solo play or to enhance your sexual experience with your partner giving you endless possibilities of play. 

This Unique product design allows you to play with your favourite toys completely hands free and this amazing little invention will accept 99% of all vibrators and dildos so you really cannot go wrong

The P4P is Patent approved and certified by the FDA in the USA. The internal pillow is manufactured from medical grade PU and is completely Phalate free so you know your body is in good hands. It Inflates easily using an oral inflation system and deflates quickly using a pressure valve fitted just inside the oral inflation tubes. Your chosen toy is held in place with a secondary pump system that is controlled by a small hand pump connected to the pillow

Designed to support all body sizes and weights this pillow is ideal for anyone looking to add a new dimension to their play and best of all the design of this pillow also means it supports your body weight during play making it ideal for users with spinal disorders. I myself suffer from minor spinal pain after damaging my back in a serious fall, and have found that this enables me to enjoy my pleasure even when In pain, it supports my body and works with me and with only the smallest of movements you can create extremely effective results,

The P4P reacts to your every touch and movement,the inflatable parts Inside the pillow are made up of two chambers that work independent of each other, each chamber is controlled by a separate outlet and by blowing into these outlets or letting air out of them you are able to adjust the pillow to fit your mood, position and body requirements

The P4P gives you a very intimate and sensory experience that will hit all the right spots, the smooth satin pillowcase teases your naked body turning your favourite toy into something that excites your whole body

When you order your P4P you will get to choose your satin pillow case in cerise, purple or black with the added option of creating your own designs so with pillows foreplay your every desire can be made into reality

The satin pillowcases are also wipe clean and washing machine safe up to 60 degrees so you do not need to worry about hygiene issues with these pillows simply wipe your pillow clean after use and when you’reready pop it into the washing machine

The pillow foreplay is an absolute joy to use the trick with it is to really play an explore what feels best and in what positions,adjusting the pressure inside the pillow really makes all the difference to your experience and you will find that different pressures work better indifferent positions and finding these are only the half the fun

When using your pillow you are able to keep your hands free allowing you to tease and tantalise your body this is great for those who enjoy nipple or clitoral stimulation during play while the pillow rocks and moves beneath you allowing you to ride out your pleasure in utter bliss

My favourite use for this pillow is to use it as an aid to double penetration while bending over, riding my pillow my husband can enter me anally and the movement of his thrusting causes the pillow to move beneath me.using the pillow like this you can experience double penetration like never before and it is the closest you will come to a male/female/male threesome without the extra male participant this is particularly good for couples interested in double penetration but are apprehensive of adding a third party 

All in all there is nothing I can really fault this pillow on, the design of the pillow is remarkable, the quality of the pillow is extremely high and is extremely well made and the pillowcase itself is designed to fit the pillow perfectly leaving easy access to the inflation tubes as well as an access point which allows you to control your toys without having to remove them from the pillow during play which only adds to its ease of use and for those that would like to keep the pillow inflated so it’s always ready for action but without people knowing its real use simply flip it over, it will easily pass for an innocent giant pillow and without actual inspection by others your pillow will not give away its naughty secrets

If you would like to purchase one of these extremely fun pillows you can do so directly from by following thisLINK

If the idea of creating your own pillowcases has peaked your interest here's a little something you might like to read


"From your head to your bed"

Pillows foreplay our also currently asking their clients to suggest designs and vote on their ideas. The idea is to create a full range of pillow cases for you to choose from, the current suggestions are leather and lace, satin and silk with a wide array of trimmings such as button, bows, buckles and studs to customise your pillow with. Our imaginations are boundless so if you have an idea for a design why not visit their FACEBOOK page and let them know

Disclaimer: This product has been provided by free of charge in exchange for a thorough, honest review. This in no way effects the opinions within said review. Thank you

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