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 Spunk Lube Pink

I am a huge fan of the spunk lube brand and have previously reviewed both the hybrid and the silicone lube both of which I enjoyed immensely  and still use regularly so when Jeff the creator of spunk lube approached me to review his newest creation the spunk lube pink I jumped at the chance without even a seconds thought

The spunk lube pink is a variation of the original hybrid with all the same great qualities, it is long lasting, silky and smooth to use ensure for an easy comfortable glide, it is flavourless, odourless and surprisingly despite its pink colour it is also non staining. I believe this is a great addition to the brand as for those that may be put off by the natural ejaculate  look of the hybrid lube they can use the new spunk lube pink so they don't have to miss out on all it's great qualities

Furthermore the pink spunk lube unlike the hybrid version is now glycerine free meaning it is suitable for both vegetarians and vegans alike but still holds all the same great qualities that we know and love

I must admit at first i was sceptical over the claims that this new pink spunk lube addition is non-staining (as I'm sure many other would be) and having crisp white bedding I was a little reluctant to use it in bed but firmly believing in Jeff and his products I took the plunge and after a thorough use I was left with lots of light pink pretty patterns upon my white sheets which actually looked rather cool the next day I stripped my bed and placed the bedding in the washing machine with my regular liquid tabs on a 40 degree wash and i am very pleased to confirm that it is indeed non staining which for me is nothing short of genius on Jeff’s part he has once again created a remarkable product that I will continue to use and love for a very long time

Having used all three of his current spunk lube products I couldn't help but wonder where jeff was planning to go next with his brand and after dropping him an email I can now share with you not only the background behind his brand but also his hopes for the future

Here’s the lowdown from the man himself


What was the motivation behind your creating the spunk lube brand and why did you decide upon "spunk lube" as the brand name?

Jeff says “The motivation behind SPUNK Lube was to create a perfect lubricant. One that can be used for anal, vaginal, solo, toys, etc. I always hated having to use one lube for anal, one for vaginal, one for toys, 1 for jack off, etc. I wanted a lubrication that had all the pros of water based lube and all the benefits of silicone based lube. I decided to blend the 2 together and SPUNK Lube HYBRID was born. An amazing water based personal lubricant that's blended with silicone. Safe to use with all toys and condoms while not getting sticky and cleaning up easily. I decided upon SPUNK Lube as the brand because I wanted a name that would describe my unique lubricant. I initially went with STR8cam Lube but then locked in SPUNK Lube and haven't looked back.”


 From visualising your dream of creating your own lube how long did it take you to turn that dream in to reality?

Jeff says “From the time I knew I was going to move forward with creating my own lube, it only took about 6 months to make it a reality. I didn't want to rush right into it without knowing people would enjoy it. I had a few small samples made to give to key people and without telling them any details, they used "the lube" and said it was "the best lube I ever used". I then knew I had a hit and that I better get into making my dream a reality. I started looking for a printer, bottles, packaging, etc. Slowly over time (6 months), my dream came to reality. The 1st version (package) looked amateur in comparison to how it looks now. I have learned a lot over the last 3 years as people are gravitating to SPUNK Lube one at a time.”


You now have 3 lines of lube available the hybrid which is the original str8cam lube rebranded, the silicone and now the pink, where would you like to see spunk lube go next?

Jeff says ” Yes, I currently have 3 amazing varieties of SPUNK Lube and next year I'm releasing my 1st flavoured version. I'm taking in user input on twitter at @str8cam to see what initial flavour of SPUNK Lube people want and so far the top choices are mint chocolate chip, bacon cheese burger, peanut butter and chocolate, coffee, chocolate, raspberry, grape & a few others. I would love to make the 1st flavour of SPUNK Lube that my twitter followers want. I'm also going for uniqueness in flavouring and taste as SPUNK Lube is a unique brand of personal lubricants.”


Your performances and photos on have created quite a fan base do you think this has affected the growth of spunk lube as a brand?

Jeff says “YES! for sure my fan base of fans has affected the growth of SPUNK Lube as a brand. If it were not for my fans, SPUNK Lube would not be anywhere to the level it is today. When first starting out, my fans bought SPUNK Lube because I made it. After they used it and enjoyed it they then told their friends about SPUNK Lube and that has created the momentum I need to continue to make more people aware of SPUNK Lube and the unique and special choice of personal lubricants I offer. I would also like to create cooling & heating versions of SPUNK Lube in the near future.”


Spunk lube hybrid has become a firm favourite to many artists in the porn industry is there anyone in particular you would like to see utilise it that doesn't already do so?

Jeff says “I love seeing porn artists and adult studios using SPUNK Lube. Over time, my hope is that more and more adult performers and studios will turn to SPUNK Lube. It's a real honor to make a personal lubricant that people enjoy using. I try to live life so that's it's fun and not at all like "work". Even though sometimes work is inevitable. I would love to see SPUNK Lube being used by VIVID I would even be willing to send them free bottles for a mention or camera I love how Vivid does so many porn parody's like The Dark Knight XXX, Avengers XXX, Star Wars XXX, Etc. Awesome!! Would be killer to see SPUNK Lube used by Vivid or sold by Playboy.”

Thanks to Jeff I think we can all agree spunk lube as a brand is definitely one to watch, with lots of exciting plans a head for this wonderful brand you’ll be silly not to keep a close eye on Jeff and how his brand develops

You can purchase the amazing spunk lube pink right HERE

Or for hybrid lovers you can buy it HERE

And the silicone lube right HERE

Disclaimer: This product has been provided by free of charge in exchange for a thorough, honest review. This in no way effects the opinions within said review. Thank you

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