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From the moment I first saw the rev1000 at I knew I had to have one, being a woman you may think that's odd but I’ve always been fascinated by toys in general and male toys always hold a special pull for me, maybe it's penis envy or maybe it's just the fact I love being in control of my husband’s pleasure either way this revolutionary new male masturbator has had me very excited and I cannot thank enough for this opportunity

The rev 1000 arrived securely packaged in a discrete plain box as with all items sent from you privacy is always their top priority

The rev1000 comes in a very trendy black box with a blue design across it, no explicit pictures or designs that can spoil the look of a great toy,

The rev1000 is equipped with 7 interchangeable speeds and functions giving  you a remarkable total of 49 different settings, this alone makes the rev1000 the king of all male masturbators

The soft textured internal pleasure sleeve is features rows and rows of soft nodules designed to  caresses and tease you as it twists, spins and rotates around your shaft and as you cycle through the settings it brings you to a higher and higher state of ecstasy

The rev1000 has an ergonomically shaped handle and an easy push button control that fits perfectly in the palm of your hand leaving you firmly in control with no effort what's so ever unlike other male masturbators. With the rev1000 you don't need to move the toy up and down your shaft you just hold it in place and away it goes using a perfect design and power to excite and tantalise your every need

For those of you who enjoy the motion of masturbation do not fret you can also use the rev1000 in this manner and according to my husband it gives the experience a completely new dynamic one of which he highly enjoyed

To get started you must first apply lubricant to the inside of the sleeve and slip your shaft inside the opening a sachet of System Jo lubricant is provided for your first use, after that i would suggest a water based lube to ensure you get the best from your sleeve insert

You can then Activate the REV1000 using the easy button control unit these are clearly marked and are very simple to use then just Make your way through the various combinations of speeds and functions to experience the soft nodules as they stroke and tease you into utter ecstasy

REV1000 has an incredibly powerful Japanese motor that when on top speed has been boasted to be capable of "getting you off in an instant” this is not an ideal boast my husband has always had amazing staying power but with the rev1000 even his control was tested.

with so many different speeds and functions at your fingertips you have the ability to not only make each experience with the rev1000 different but you control how long these experiences last, Tease yourself with the slower speeds and rotation, then REV up the power to experience the most intense climax you will probably ever have my husband was very impressed by the rev1000 and it now had pride of place on his side of the bed

Unlike other male masturbators we have tried the rev1000 pleasure sleeve has a firmness and texture more suitable to his desires so for that reason alone he would rate it far higher than any other and when you couple that with the revolutionary rotation technology and it's 49 different setting you really are on to a winner making it a toy you will want to use again and again.

The REV1000 is rechargeable so can always be ready whenever you are and you will not have the worry of your battery running out at the worst possible time as the battery has great staying power, we have used it many times and not once have we needed to recharge it
The rev1000 also comes with an international adaptor enabling you to use it in a variety of different plug sockets and with a spare pleasure sleeve also thrown in you get a serious amount of pleasure for your money with the rev1000 and in our opinion it is well worth the price tag, compared to cheaper masturbators we have tried you really can tell the difference In quality

When it comes to cleaning the rev1000 it is incredibly easy, the pleasure sleeve and housing compartment comes away from the handle which holds the motor so you can easily wash your sleeve and it's housing in soap and water and as the housing compartment and seals which hold it all together can be cleaned separately you have no fear of bacteria growing
 you can purchase the rev100 direct from right HERE
Disclaimer: This product has been provided by free of charge in exchange for a thorough, honest review. This in no way effects the opinions within said review. Thank you

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